2/28 The Other Room X Diplomatico X MQ 客座調酒師活動

長假的最後一晚別忘了來 MQ 品嚐我們邀請的客座調酒師 Dario Knox (The Other Room Sinapore) 為您帶來的特調喔!

The Other Room X Diplomatico X MQ
2/28 (二) 21:00~00:00
Dario Knox | The Other Room Singapore

Diplomatico 外交官朗姆酒 & MQ Taipei 這次邀請到 Dario Knox,來自西班牙,目前任職於新加坡 THE OTHER ROOM,是唯一一間使用原酒製作調酒的Speakeasy酒吧,店內超過60桶以上不同原酒,一種新的概念。

The Other Room. One of a kind, The Other Room is the only place on Earth were all the spirits go through the process of finishing.
Inspired by the darkness of the Prohibition Era, The Other Room is the shining result of what would happen if the Eighteenth Amendment was passed today.

THE OTHER ROOM create a brand-new concept offering in-house cask finished & spice finished products together with a stunning range of extremely curated products.

Dario Knox currently as a Creative Beverage Director for the FOC group and as Master Bartender of The Other Room.

訂位專線 Reservations: (02) 2729-5409

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