G’vine Great G’rey G’reen Party!

G'vine Great G'rey G'reen Party!
還記得上一場 G’Vine Summer Green Party 夏綠派對我們所帶給你的歡樂嗎?有參加到的人不用想念;沒參加到的人不用怨念。因為我們聽到你們的聲音了~所以我們決定跟各位再度狂歡一次!
除了上次你所看到的綠色 G’Vine Floraison 以外,這次我們再加入了灰色的 G’Vine Nouaison!一樣的十種原物料透過不同的比例下去調和,風味和調性截然不同,搭配上調酒師的巧思和巧手,變幻出多不同的香氣和口感!

這次特別使用了灰色的 G’Vine Nouaison 和綠色的
G’Vine Floraison 為您精心設計了兩款分享壺的調酒,

G’vine Great G’rey G’reen Party (灰常綠害派對)!
11/8 (六)9:00pm ~ 1:00am
• 當天前一百名進場的客人,都可以獲得 G’Vine 體驗包一個
• 凡一次點購兩款分享壺的調酒,我們將加贈一瓶小樣 (數量有限送完為止)

當天 G’vine Great G’rey G’reen Party (灰常綠害派對) 邀您跟我們一同享受生活、盡情狂歡派對!!

It’s not tea time, but drink time~ 美好的夜晚~就由這壺開啟序幕吧!
Have a g’ood night!
G’Vine Floraison 紀凡花果香琴酒 / Fresh Lime Juice 新鮮萊姆汁 / Simple Syrup 糖漿 / Soda Water 蘇打水 / Basil 羅勒 / Lavender 薰΁草 / Anise Star 八角 / Roselle 洛神花 !!

Let’s swing with some music 義大利的公爵聽著法式的音樂隨之搖擺!
Chanson Negroni!
G’Vine Nouaison 紀凡杜松香琴酒 / La Quintinye Vermouth Royal Rouge 皇家凡慕斯rouge / Campari ̇金巴利苦酒 / Soda Water 蘇打水 / Mountain Litsea ҇馬告(ͪ山胡椒)!!!!

Must Try – shot! shot! shot! shot! shot! 特別推薦!!!
G’Vine Floraison 紀凡花果香琴酒 / White Grape 白葡萄/ Dark Chocolate 黑巧克力!!

Always Classic 萬年經典款~!
G’Vine Tonic
G’Vine Floraison 紀凡花果香琴酒 / Tonic Water 通寧水 / Basil 羅勒葉 / White Grape 白葡萄!!

When three become one with tea~ 三位一體~以茶入酒~!
G’Vine Floraison 紀凡花果香琴酒/ Fresh Lime Juice 新鮮萊姆汁/ Simple Syrup 糖漿/ Tieguanyin Soda 鐵觀͡音汽泡茶!!

What’s hit !?4G正夯~你換了嗎!?
G’Vine Nouaison 紀凡杜松子香琴酒 / June Liqueur 葡萄花香甜酒 / Fresh Lime Juice 新鮮萊姆汁 / Ginger Syrup 薑汁糖漿 !!!

Savory Gentlemen’s Drink 紳士品味~ 等你來品嘗!
G’Vine Nouaison 紀凡杜松子香琴酒 / June Liqueur 葡萄花香甜酒 / La Quintinye Vermouth Royal Rouge 皇家凡慕斯rouge / Fee Brothers Black Walnut Bitter 黑核桃苦精!!

訂位專線 Reservations: (02) 2729-5409

G’vine Great G’rey G’reen Party!

Still remember the fun from our last G’Vine Summer Green Party?

Those who joined last time don’t miss it!
Those who didn’t attend last time don’t loathe!
Marquee has heard your voice & we’ve decided to party with you all once again!

Not only have we prepared the G’Vine Floraison gin, but also the G’Vine Nouaison gin this time as well!

With 10 kinds of ingredients harmonized through different proportions, this creates a variety of flavors and tones. With our award-winning bartender Victor Yang’s ideas and skills, every sip of his creation will truly enhance your taste buds with very unique flavors!

We will be using G’rey G’vine Nouaison and G’reen G’vine Floraison to create two special cocktail pitchers for you and your friends to share and enjoy along with some tasty snacks.

G’vine Great G’rey G’reen Party!
Date : 11/8 (Sat) 9:00pm ~ 1:00am
• First 100 hundred guests who arrive will receive 1 G’Vine testing sachet.
• Order 2 cocktail carafes at a time & we will gift you a free miniature bottle of G’Vine gin (free offer is subject to availability)!

We invite you to come over to Marquee and join the Great G’vine G’rey & G’reen Party!
Let’s enjoy life and party all night together!!

Reservations: (02) 2729-5409

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