The Missing Girl – Marquee Halloween Party

 The Missing Girl - Marquee Halloween Party

Peroni X 逃脫實境工作室 X Marquee Presents:
The Missing Girl 屍蹤的小女孩 – Marquee Halloween Party
10/31 Friday 星期五 9PM ~ Closed





In a quiet village, everything is harmonious and serene.
Until one day, girls simply vanish without notice………

Tired of having the same Halloween party every year?
Marquee Taipei incarnation ghost town will bring you another special experience from the past! Put on the scariest costume, have the scariest makeup to scare the other ghosts. Marquee invite all our friends to attend this party and let us scare shit out of you!

In cooperation with Escape Reality Studio, who have designed the four scary levels of an interactive story of a terrible protagonist. You will need guts to unlock the mystery of the missing girls.

You will never know how thrilling the story is unless you come and stay untill the end. But nobody can escape once they’re in this game…..

* Entry Fee NT$500 (Including one drink and a ticket for the game)
* Reality Horror Movie Scene with scary ghost actors. Four levels of the puzzle to pass… And survive
* Best bar in Taipei-Marquee turns into a ghost town
* Dance and party as and with scary monsters and ghosts

Table Reservations 訂位專線: (02) 2729-5409

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