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5月31日 “醉後大丈夫3” Party

今天工作諸事不順,生活上也烏煙瘴氣,總是事與願違嗎?換個角度想,跟這些鳥事一籮筐的衰大頭比起來,真的沒那麼糟啦! 閃亮亮的「醉後大丈夫3」派對,將在五月三十一號,由DJB,Warner Brothers, Jaegermeister, 以及Marquee一起隆重呈現給各位。 不要忘記,把你的那些狐群狗黨帶來,一起放縱一下吧! Think you had a rough night..? Well it’s nothing compared to these guys! Join us on May 31 st when DJB, Warner Brothers, Jaegermeister and Marquee present our glittering “Hangover 3” Party. Bring the wolf pack and come on over! For RSVP & Reservations please call/訂位專線:+886 (2) 2729-5409 Partners […]

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