Taipei’s Paris Nights – Welcome to the Jungle – 24 Apr/4月24日 2013


Do you always end up at the same place, with the same people, listening to the same music”?
“你厭倦了總是一成不變? 一樣的地方,一樣的人,還是聽著同一種音樂”

“Taipei’s Paris Nights”, in collaboration with “Marquee Taipei” welcome you to the Jungle, for the most exciting party of the month.
“Taipei’s Paris Nights” 首度與 “Marquee Taipei” 合作,帶你進入前所未有的"叢林之夜",這絕對是本月最具有話題的派對

You should be scared this time though. Entering the jungle is not an easy adventure when living in Taipei, especially when you see leopards and hunters. So you’d better dress up to fit the environment (green and leopard accessories should do it).
當你進入到叢林派對時,會看到獵人或者美洲豹等野獸,不要害怕 !建議你打扮成綠色或者豹紋等相關圖騰配件,

To help you survive, we prepared the most unique drink menu you have ever seen and we are proud to introduce to you the two new products of “La Maison Fontaine”. A chocolate absinthe liquor and a traditional absinthe verte (green). More details here
為了幫助你在叢林裡生存得很好,我們特別準備了獨特的 “叢林酒單”,結合了新款巧克力苦艾酒及傳統綠色苦艾酒,(苦艾酒詳情

And don’t worry, as usual, you’ll be served fine wine and music we listen is Paris by DJ Amadei (he is back)!
當然還有經典的紅白酒,搭配巴黎 DJ Amadei 的醉人音樂 ,相信你一定很享受這樣的夜晚 ~

Green and Leopard!
服裝主題: 綠色 / 豹紋


活動驚喜獎: 11.30pm 抽出
Lucky draw ( 3 bottles to win at 11.30pm )


Free entrance

Dress green/leopard, get a chocolate absinthe shot!

不用購買門票! 而且穿著綠色/ 豹紋入場者,還可以免費獲得一杯shot !


Don’t forget to also check out TPN’s FB Page / 不要忘了確認 TPN’s FB Page!

Prodeal Wines page (provider of the wine) / Prodeal Wines page (贊助酒商):

and our host, Marquee Taipei / 場地贊助, Marquee Taipei

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