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5月2日 Marquee proudly presents the Wave Jazz Trio on Thursday May 2nd!

「爵色風華」將襲捲Marquee! 《Marquee音符之夜》將在五月二號帶來由主唱Sunny Tseng領軍的爵士樂團”Wave Jazz Trio”,為你的周四晚添增爵士的浪漫氛圍。 All that jazz..! Join us on Thursday May 2nd when Marquee Goes Live presents the Wave Jazz Trio featuring lead vocal Sunny Tseng! No cover charge/免入場費 For RSVP & Reservations please call/訂位專線:+886 (2) 2729-5409

4月30日 – Labour Day run-up at Marquee! Happy Hour all night long!

Labour day is coming up and here at Marquee we’re kicking it off with happy hour all night long! So join us at Marquee Restaurant & Lounge where our mixology bartenders will stir up a tempting cocktail for happy hour prices! For more info please visit

Friendly reminder – Taipei Paris Nights – Welcome to the jungle 4月24日

Don’t miss Taipei Paris Nights’s event tomorrow here at Marquee and enjoy one of the jungle themed cocktails! For additional info please see:

Feeling the Monday blues?

We are getting ready for a big week (and weekend) here at Marquee as we are hosting our grand 3 year anniversary party on Saturday April 27th.  But, before that, don’t miss out Taipei Paris Nights’ “Welcome to the jungle” party on Wednesday, followed by our live music session on Thursday. The Blast returns to […]

4月20-21日 2013 Taipei Spirits Festival/台北烈酒嘉年華

  即日起至週五訂桌(9:30pm後),即可獲得5張2013年台北烈酒嘉年華雙日票。 2013台北烈酒嘉年華,就在本週末4/20&4/21!邀集了蘇格蘭五大產區威士忌、法國頂級白蘭 地與各式烈酒列展,兩天的活動中除了提供豐富的酒款之外,更強調「好酒、美食、fun音樂」 ,安排有各式舞台表演與人氣樂團演出,並有魔術表演與街頭藝人穿梭於活動內。館外美食餐 車設有多種美食,如同一場精采的夏日戶外派對。 這兩年在台灣引起風潮的「艾雷島威士忌嘉年華」,主辦單位《WSD酒訊雜誌》今年擴大舉 辦,特別邀集了蘇格蘭五大產區威士忌、法國頂級白蘭地與各式烈酒列展。此外今年更舉辦了 「品酒學堂」,「品酒學堂」開立十堂精緻課程,只要憑烈酒嘉年華門票上網登錄,即可免 費參與威士忌大師們的課程,名額有限,額滿為止! 2013台北烈酒嘉年華,4/20&4/21就在華山藝文中心! Taipei Spirits Festival 2013 is coming up at Huashan Creative Park this weekend on Apr. 20-21. This time, WSD have whiskey from 5 major territories in Scotland, and top French brandy as well as other spirits. Besides various spirits, gourmet food and music will […]

NY Times – 36 Hours in Taipei

看看這周末的紐約時報吧!Marquee被節錄於「台北36小時」特刊文章中,被點名為台北最值得一遊的三個地點之一。 Check out the weekend edition of NY Times where Marquee is featured in the article series “36 hours in Taipei”, as one of the three must-visit places nighttime! Have a good weekend ahead!

Taipei’s Paris Nights – Welcome to the Jungle – 24 Apr/4月24日 2013

Do you always end up at the same place, with the same people, listening to the same music”? “你厭倦了總是一成不變? 一樣的地方,一樣的人,還是聽著同一種音樂” “Taipei’s Paris Nights”, in collaboration with “Marquee Taipei” welcome you to the Jungle, for the most exciting party of the month. “Taipei’s Paris Nights” 首度與 “Marquee Taipei” 合作,帶你進入前所未有的"叢林之夜",這絕對是本月最具有話題的派對 You should be scared this time though. […]

DJ Icy Ice photos are up!

 感謝大家這次踴躍參與”Dj Icy Ice”的活動! We here at Marquee would like to thank everyone who came by DJ Icy Ice’s return to Marquee on March 30th. Photos are now up on our facebook site! Check them out on:  

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