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3月21日 Marquee proudly presents “Marquee Goes Live” on Thursday March 21st with Brandon Thompson/China Rock band!

  《Marquee搖滾音符之夜》將再度登場!超人氣” China Rock “以及主唱Brandon Thompson將再次與你在整晚的音樂裡嗨翻天! 在首度登場受到熱烈迴響之後,Marquee又把” China Rock “以及主唱Brandon Thompson請回來了!他們將在本周四,也就是3月21日號,帶來整晚的現場音樂。如果你上次錯過了,這次別再留下遺憾了! Join us for our live music session “Marquee Goes Live” on March 21st with Brandon Thompson and the China Rock band here at Marquee . Expect a rocking event yet again when Brandon takes the stage and enjoy one of our signature cocktails! No […]

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